How to be a Researcher in the XXI Century


14-17 September 2021

Via Corti 12 – Milan – Area della Ricerca del CNR


Society is the ultimate stakeholder of Researchers’ work. Hence, Communication is fundamental for Researchers. In the digital era, with abundant information at everyone’s fingertip, the exchanges between Society and Researchers have increased, calling for a new role for them in the Society. With these changes come new challenges. Young Researchers starting their career in the 21st century often work in environments which haven’t yet incorporated the rapid transformations happening in the Society and in their relationship with it. In this conference, we aim at critically re-thinking the role of Researchers in contemporary Society.
The following topics will be addressed in this conference:
  1. Scientific communication: how to build a communication bridge between Science and the Society?
  2. Open Access and Open Science: where we are, where we are going
  3. Science, Ethics and Politics: influencers or influenced by our beliefs?
  4. Mental Health in Academia
  5. Minorities, Diversity and Inclusion in Academia
  6. Rethinking the academic division of labour through transdisciplinary (Final Roundtable)


Organising Committee

Giuseppe Aprile, EHESS Paris & CEST
Daniela Arlia, Aix-Marseille School of Economics & CEST
Stella Gianfreda, Università di Genova & CEST
Francesco Gobbo, University of Edinburgh
Raffaele Sarnataro, University of Oxford & CEST
Carla Sciarra, Polytechnic University of Turin & CEST

Scientific Committee

External Advisory Board

Francesco Gobbo, University of Edinburgh

Ismael Rafols, Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University
Carla Sciarra, Polytechnic University of Turin & CEST


For the host institution:

Alba L’Astorina, Institute for Remote Sensing of the Environment – National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IREA) & BRIDGES project

Rita Giuffredi, Institute for Remote Sensing of the Environment – National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IREA)

Involvement of young scholars and hands-on activities

In line with the mission of CEST and of the Young Scholar Initiative by INET, this workshop aims at involving particularly young scholars.
To this end:

Young scholars in each panel

Each panel includes at least one young scholar as a speaker and a young scholar as a chair.


In collaboration with our partners, we organised hands-on workshops that will involve participants in practical and participative activities on the topics of the event. The topics range from climate change to mental health, from open science to science communication, from diversity to gender bias.

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